IPM- Empowering Green Computing

Being part of an enterprise IT Support delivery Team and taking care of your IT infrastructure you will be happy to have the following Automated feature to enable a better support extended to your users by creating a proper deployment strategy, and utilizing the available resources at the optimal level etc. We are happy to address  the following concerns probably you wish to address


1.       A proper automated IT Asset management Package:- Automated IT asset and configuration discovery for all the active IT assets in the Network, All hardware and software details

2.       Performance Monitoring to understand how efficiently we are using the computers, Laptops, Servers etc

3.       A proper Power utilization trend and analysis to strategize a proper power plan to enable Power Savings

4.       Centralized management of the above simply from the central console

5.       Option to set the policy to automatically shut down and power on the Desktops/Servers via WOL from the central console

6.       Strategize a proper power management plan police for the enterprise

7.       Start giving more happy and efficient returns to your organization in the form of reduced Power consumption

8.       All in all Discover how you can implement a Proper Green Computing in all practical sense


Our Value added reseller status with Vigyanlabs, Mysore for Intelligent Power Management Platform- (Award Winning Power Management Solution with 1000’s of deployments and pending US Patent.) empowering us to integrate the innovative and efficient IT Solutions with our clients.