Drive your business with CRM features:

  • Complete business process management cycles.
  • Customer data management.
  • Comprehensive sales management with forecasting.
  • Marketing management.
  • Document management.
  • Time management.
  • Analytical tools.

What exactly is CRM? You can use the term when speaking about business methods or strategy.

What is CRM Strategy?

The essence of CRM is a business approach that makes customer’s interests paramount: all processes, corporate values and efforts are addressed to meet one goal – make customers happy. From a business standpoint, CRM is targeted for a seamless process of customer acquisition.

What is CRM Software?

Implementation of CRM strategy wouldn’t be complete without a CRM software – a professional tool designed to streamline all customer-focused processes. What is CRM system? CRM literature mentions the three pillars of CRM: marketing, sales and service – and a good CRM solution must deliver end-to-end processes to cover all these areas.

What is CRM Process Management?

The biggest challenge of today’s business is to keep pace of a constantly changing environment. To stay competitive, companies should be flexible – the latest research has shown an ever growing role of Business Process Management in overall CRM strategy. The ability to change processes in order to ensure the best customer experience will dominate the following decade.

Business Process Management

There are 5 major reasons in favor of BPA:
All employees have the standards.
Outcomes can be forecasted with greater precision.
Bottlenecks and discrepancies can be easily uncovered and fixed.
New employees start delivering results faster.
Company is on a track of continuous improvement.

Customer Data Management

CRM helps you optimize your main asset, the customer database. With our solution you consolidate all customer information, get a detailed view of your customers buying behavior and use this information to customize your communication and sales strategy. At the same time, analytical tools help you calculate CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) to assign your best sales managers to the most profitable customers.

Sales Management
With CRM you can forecast sales, get a bird’s eye view of the sale process and maximize sale channels. Other benefits include:
A complete customer interaction history.
An automated sales process to help sales managers sell more.
Real-time analytics helping sales managers track progress of opportunities and analyze competitors.
Reports giving insight to customer behavior thus increasing cross-sales.
With analytical tools and process automation, CRM plants the seeds for both company growth and profits.
Marketing Management

CRM helps the marketing department complete work faster. You can for instance:
Plan and manage marketing activities, define budgets and assign resources.
Measure campaign’s ROI and impact.
Spot trends over time and use that knowledge to improve campaign’s effectiveness.
Update and share presentation materials and the other marketing materials.
Having all the necessary data at hand, the marketing department is able to launch more targeted and well-prepared promotions and attain a higher response rate.

Time Management and Communications

CRM time management improves employee performance:
Pre-defined processes automatically create tasks.
Schedule sharing helps manage employee workload and collaboration.
All pieces of information are interconnected to streamline analyses.
Statistical reports analyze:
Average sale cycle.
Total calls and meetings for closing a deal.
Profitability of a deal.
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