PeopleLink HDVC (High Definition Video Conferencing)

PeopleLink HDVC is designed to meet the demands of high performance video conferencing with a standard PC and Internet connection, including broadband and mobile wireless data cards.

HDVC Features:

  • Solution supports Inbuilt Video Mixing capability, ensuring a single location to connect up to 4 Cameras, the feed of all can be broadcasted over a conference.
  • Supports 64 videos in single screen.
  • Supports 9 simultaneous audio channels.
  • Has inbuilt Application Sharing.
  • Ability to share Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel / Acrobat PDF Documents etc.
  • The Solution supports Desktop Sharing enabling access of systems for remote troubleshooting.
  • The Solution is encrypted for ensuring a secure transmission.
  • Capability of online file transfer.
  • Solution comes with Inbuilt Digital White Board.
  • Inbuilt feature of Polling.
  • The solution offers Public / Private Text Chats during a Conference.
  • The Solution is capable to create Multiple Virtual Conference Rooms to allow many Video Conference sessions to be conducted together.
  • Solution has inbuilt Video Recording.
  • Seamless support of 3rd party PTZ Camera and Audio devices secures the investments of the User made on existing setup. Multiple camera Input offers covering large gatherings.