Now Every Student in your school can have computer access – NComputing

Now every student in your school can have computer access!

NComputing’s devices allow you to deliver a great PC experience for your students and faculty in computer labs, libraries, classrooms and administration offices at a huge savings. The average PC user only accesses 10% of the capacity of the PC they’ve been assigned as theirs – so why not use the power of one to allow access for many?

With NComputing, one server grade PC can power up to 100 desktops, giving every user access to their own computer, with their own applications, and their own files, settings and preferences. Imagine what you’ll save on time, hardware and maintenance costs!

Over 20 million people in more than 140 countries around the world already use NComputing everyday. See how you too can be a hero, to your students, faculty and district at large!

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